Friday, August 26, 2011

PA wrap-up

The last couple of days in PA have been sort of a blur, but lots of fun. On Sunday, Mayra, Daniel and I shared at Wolc. On Monday, we had a great time meeting with Tom Kelly, Don and Robin Bush, Greg Grove and the rest of the missions committee missions committee at Hope Community Church. Hope is considering a missions trip to Ixtapaluca this next summer. Our kids all went to the Elizabethtown Fair the beginning of this week, and had a great time.

We flew back to Mexico City yesterday, after almost missing our flight from Houston to Mexico City due to a late plane arrival in Philadelphia, and by consequence, in Houston. We once again had to run from our arriving gate clear across the airport to our departure gate, but mercifully the plane waited this time. Then I was concerned that our luggage made it, mentally preparing myself to fill out lost baggage forms in Mexico City, but it was all there. All 7 checked bags. All 12 instruments. And we got a green light, so no inspection was done.

I was writing this blog when I got a call from Martin´s neighbor, I'll write more about Martin soon. Many of you received a prayer request for Martin either via email or FB. Please continue to pray for him and his wife, Laura, and family.

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Susan said...

Melanie just read me the FB post. I will be praying!
Susan T in California