Sunday, July 10, 2011

Camp Koinonia and accidents

Last week we sent 5 young adults to Camp Koinonia, a Bible Church/CAM Int'l Christian camp situated on a beautiful 38 acre stretch of land near San Juan del Río, Querétaro. The came back this past Friday. Today was the beginning of the 15-17 year old week.

Organization is...challenging here sometimes. We were initially going to send about 6 kids this week and 2 next week (because they were slightly younger than 15). As it turns out, we decided to send everyone this week. 6+2 = 8, right? Sort of. Today, we somehow managed to cram 11 kids plus their gear for a week plus David Gómez plus me in our van. Yes, groups spontaneously grow here!

About 15 minutes into our drive, I was making an almost u turn out into 3 lanes of crazy traffic, and as I turned to the left, I heard a sickening crunch, as I realized that the SUV beside me, that I didn't even see, had apparently gotten really close to my door. He also wanted to make a sharp left hand turn (across said traffic). His front corner bumper and headlight dug into my door.

We stopped (after negotiating the turn across traffic) and examined the damage. I accepted most of the responsibility (although he was way too close to me), and gave him about $45 in cash. We were on our way again. I already have an appointment with my auto body guy tomorrow. The door is really pushed in, but for about $50, tomorrow it will look as good as new!

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