Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A great couple and an awesome project

The great couple is Matt and Alyssa Miller. We met Alyssa in 2007 when she came down for CAM's summer internship, and was involved in several really neat ministry activities, won a Golden Brigam, and more. We knew that she had gotten married to Matt, and that they decided to travel all over Central America for a while. We were so excited when the decided to commit three months to Mexico and the ministry here.

They both have jumped into ministry, and perhaps even more significantly, have sought to integrate themselves into the church community here. Alyssa has been teaching baking classes, ballet classes and has been attending women's Bible studies. Matt has been helping with painting and construction projects. They both are hosting a number of summer interns, keeping them fed and (generally) out of trouble! They both have been a HUGE support to the ministry here.

But the awesome project that I mentioned in the title of this blog is the mural.

Gangs have for way too long taken possession of the water tower and graffiti has dominated all for sides. But no longer. Alyssa and Samuel, along with Matt and others support, have begun to transform one of the four sides into a visual testimony of the power of the gospel. The image is not complete yet...but you can begin to see what it is becoming.

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