Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A special prayer request

Mayra and I started doing an internship program before they were cool, way back in 2002. We started with 2 students, Daniel Ransom from MBI and Jesse Hulstrand from Cedarville. I think Charles Wright ended up here that summer too. The program has grown, Mayra and I have learned a few things, and this year we do it again. It all starts this Wednesday.

For several years we were the only internship available through our mission, CAM Int'l. Because of this, during several years we hosted between 15-25 interns. Numbers have gone down quite a bit in recent years due to internship programs in other places, particularly Honduras and Guatemala. Last year Honduras hosted more interns than Mexico did, and this year both Guatemala and Honduras receive more students.

Of course, one big reason for that is all the news that is coming out of Mexico related to drug violence. Fortunately for us, we have been pretty much untouched by this violence, that is concentrated in the northern part of the country, on the Mexico/US border. Another reason why students may not choose to come to Mexico is that they associate a Mexico missions experience with crossing the border into a shantytown situation. The reality here is very, very different.

This year is an interesting mix of people. We have 1 eight-week intern, 1 six-week intern and one 4-week intern. As always, several people who have been here before are returning for a week or a month. A 17 (almost 18) year old CAM MK, Dylan Prussia, will also be joining us for a while. Matt and Alyssa Miller will also be very much involved in the internship, as will Tiffany Taylor.

Our summer begins with a 3 1/2 day orientation time in Mexico City. Tomorrow. I spent till almost midnight last night getting our praise songs together for that time. Revelation Song, In Christ Alone, Everlasting God, One Way, Blessed Redeemer, and others.

Pray with us that this summer would be unforgettable and life-transforming for the students involved, the national church with which they interact, and for all of us. I'll be taking Daniel to the orientation this year. Love to expose him to students who love the Lord.

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