Thursday, May 05, 2011

Pets and family news

Our daughter is definitely the animal lover in the family. Yesterday she came home from school with a little bird in a box. The bird was christened "Jimmy." Our iguana, Kiwi, now accepts pieces of carrot and lettuce directly from her hand. Our aquarium has continued to grow, to a grand total of 14 fish, plus a snail and some little minnows, that slowly disappear, eaten by the catfish-looking fish we have.

In related news...Daniel's pet snake, Pepa, was found! Dead. In a shoe. So, well, I guess that's good news. At least we know that it's not slithering around the edges of our bedrooms!

Cathy began swimming lessons recently, and Daniel continues with guitar and drum classes. The two boys have a break right now from basketball, but will continue when community center activities resume.

In other news...Mayra and I both felt an earthquake of 5.8 degrees Richter this morning, at 8:24 a.m., epicenter near Acapulco.

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