Monday, May 02, 2011

Back to the Basics

Two weeks ago several of the men from both churches got together. The concept was simple...we would read a book of the Bible every day (M-F), and then get together and talk about it Saturday evening.

Now, this is a men's time, so we start our time together at a local taco stand. After 5-8 (normally) beef, tripa or longaniza tacos, we head to one of our homes for a time of reading and reflection. And coffee. The last two weeks we landed at Armando and Gina's home.

We started out with 5 men our first week, last week there were 9 of us.

The concept is simple. Lots of daily Bible reading. Right now the book we are reading is 1 Peter. Time for interaction, counsel and prayer. Memorize at least one verse each week. So cool to see young believers growing and older believers being sharpened.

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