Sunday, May 29, 2011

Joint Service Today

Several times a year the two Iglesias Bíblicas Sendero de Vida churches get together. It's always a great time of renewing fellowship. Although we meet in two different neighborhoods, there is fairly frequent contact between the two congregations. Our men's meeting on Saturdays includes men from both churches. Eight of us met last night for tacos and an interactive discussion of 1 Thessalonians.

Today, we rented a 6 x 12 meter (20 x 40 ft.) pole tent with 100 chairs and 10 tables. Samuel Valtierra preached, and afterwards we enjoyed carnitas, tasty pork boiled in a big pot. Samuel, Ismael and I snacked on some rather large pieces of pork!

Later, the fun continued with the youth group meeting with Robert teaching and Brigam getting his head shaved. He is doing this to identify with his grandmother, who is going through chemo treatments for cancer.

I posted a photo that Jim Cottrill took of the service today on the header of this blog.

Lots going on...trying to regroup and continue to prepare for a vision-casting weekend with a lot of visitors and details happening soon.

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