Friday, April 15, 2011

Signs of Growth, Making Faith Work

I'm reading Bill Hybel's book Axiom, which is full of helpful, pithy concepts for leadership. One recent proverb I read is, "Sweat the Small Stuff." All through the book, he stresses paying attention to small, personal details, even as he emphasizes the need for vision and action.

I remembered these words as I heard personal testimony of struggle, temptation, and victories over the last several days.

This morning, a new believer in the church told us of the injustice surrounding an automobile accident that she had, about a year ago. The case has apparently never been fully closed, in spite of the fact that they were told initially that it was. Now, they are asking for witnesses to an accident that was not her fault. "It's hard for me to worry about getting witnesses when I am in pain, upside-down in my car." Now, she am forced to re-live this painful experience again...and the judge just told her to go out and get some witnesses so she can close the case. In other words, be dishonest, bring in anyone so this just goes away. We reinforced her conviction to not do this.

Two days ago, a recent believer called my wife to confess to her something she felt very badly about, something that she did. Several weeks ago, another couple was tempted to alter references to get a new job. They didn't...and after a rather lengthy waiting on God time, the man got a new job, and a decent paying one at that.

These new believers (and all of us!) need to be convinced of God's promise in 1 Peter 5:7, that we can "cast our cares on Him" because he truly does "care for us."

I was challenged this I really, with all my heart, believe that?

We're entering a new phase at church, one of making this new-found faith work in the real world. The real world is tough. Pray that we all pass the test.

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