Saturday, April 02, 2011

Matt and Alyssa´s house warming

We gave Matt and Alyssa Miller a bit of a hard time for serving hot dogs tonight at their first official party in Mexico. Chorizo on the grill, with arrachera, or at least bistek with cebollitas would have been better. But they're learning. We'll give them a B+ for their party, but an A+ for their attitudes and quick adjustment to the culture and community here.

Already, within a week or so of arriving, they have been involved in a host of church and community center activities, and have readily opened their newly painted home to all of us.

Daniel wants to adopt them as parents, and live in their spare bedroom. Oh, and Matt has taught Daniel twice so far, exhibiting the patience of Job in two subjects, Math and Language Arts.

Tomorrow, a special worship service and Lord´s supper, sans sermon, and then youth group. We'll be doing our best to put a dent into all the hotdogs left over from tonight's shindig.

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