Saturday, April 09, 2011

Going to the dentist, the same in any culture

Our first ever medical and dental activity happened today, at the market space area we use as for the community center Tiempo de Vivir. It was another way to reach out to the community in Jesus´ name, a way we hadn't tried up to this point. We thank the Lord for bringing a doctor, a dentist and a hair stylist to us. 21 people received dental care (including 1 pulled tooth, and many filled), around 25 people received basic medical care, and a bunch of people got free hair cuts.

I spoke with a woman named Marta who was getting her hair trimmed. She is 20, and already has 4 children! Starting early! She lives just around the corner from a couple people in the church, and very close to both the community center and the church. Another perhaps unplanned but neat byproduct of events like this are the people who come to help out, that are not regular church attenders. We had several ladies there today, helping out, participating with us in reaching out to others.

The group, coordinated by Juan Piza, will be returning to us May 14, to follow-up on both the physical and spiritual needs of the people of JM.

The first picture here is courtesy of David Gómez...just to show that going to the dentist is not fun, no matter what the language or culture!

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