Thursday, April 07, 2011

Drums, earthquakes, etc...

My parents sent down some funds several months ago to help us buy Daniel a drum set, and we hadn't purchased it because we wanted to order it through a local music store here, but that didn't work out, so finally yesterday we went downtown, missing a day of homeschooling (Daniel hated that) and bought a 6-piece TAMA ImperialStar drum set. Now the issue is...where in the world do we put a drum set in our little house? We're working on options. None of them very good ones!

During our foray into Mexico City yesterday, we also purchased 24 Bibles, 30 Gospel of John and 22 other thematic booklets to give out during our Community Center Closing Program tomorrow and the Medical and Dentistry Brigade that we have here on Saturday.

As I was getting ready to write this post, the world started moving. I looked up at one of our lamps, and sure enough, we were experiencing an earthquake. 6.5, but far away, near the Gulf Coast. Amazing how far away earthquakes can felt. Office buildings emptied out all over Mexico City, as people waited on the street for any danger to pass. No damage. Facebook responses to a quick entry indicated that a bunch of people felt it, from here to Guatemala.

Mayra had an exciting Bible study last night, with a new lady eager to hear the Word of God. Always awesome to see that happen.

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