Monday, March 21, 2011

Water Wars

Yesterday's service was once again ridiculously crowded, not that we have so many people, but that we have so little space. 20 of us felt like the story of Jesus and the men who lowered the paralytic down through the roof. We experienced the first hour of worship looking through the door space (we take the door off every Sunday) and a window. Gotta do something soon. Fortunately the 5 visitors we had arrived early (I should say arrived on time, because a good percentage of people arrive late!) and got seats.

I taught the youth group for Sunday school class, because David G. was scheduled to teach them for the youth group, immediately following the service. We moved youth group to every other Sunday because we have better attendance that way, and we're able to share a meal together after the service.

The youth had sincronizadas, which is basically two flour tortillas with ham and cheese inside, melted and browned on a hot plate. Samuel and I managed to wander off to a nearby tianguis, or open market, and ate tacos de tripa, or beef intestine tacos. Hmmm...! Sam educated me on some of the finer points of intestine tacos, that there are several different types, including the large intestine, the small intestine and another part of the beef's inners that I couldn't translate (and didn't want to!). That was a bit more info that I needed, frankly.

We returned to the market space to the sound of music and young people devouring everything that wasn't nailed down. I was in charge of the games, and after trying to put on frozen (overnight) t-shirts and shave balloons covered with shaving cream, well, things got a bit out of control. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, ended up soaked to the bone. David Gómez finally did as well, in spite of trying to lock himself in one of the storefronts. Good times had by all!

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Charles said...

Ahh... so many memories come to mind!
"Mamá! este chalz me mojo!!!!!!!!!!"


And you wandering off to get tacos... like that isn't assumed already?