Monday, March 28, 2011

A Good Day

One year ago, 20 of us officially stopped attending Sendero de Vida, Santa Bárbara and began Sunday services in a neighborhood of 3,400 homes called Jesús María. Figuring an average of 3 people per house, JM's population would topp 10,000 people, yet there was no evangelical work in this neighborhood. A small Baptist mission existed for several years there, but stopped meeting sometime in 2009.

The Valtierra, Palacio, Cottrill and Fry families, along with David Gómez and Allan Flores, committed ourselves to the evangelization and discipleship of this neighborhood. Last May, Tiffany Taylor joined the team. Interestingly enough, very few of the people who attended our first service one year ago (aside from our ministry team) attended yesterday, but the Lord has been faithful in calling out His people, and our faith community has grown.

Now, approximately 15 families (or parts of families) are actively involved in the church. Yesterday was a special time that brought tears to my eyes at one point during the worship service, as I looked at a congregation of people that was simply a faith-dream last year. Most of the people under our rented pole tent yesterday weren't even Christians a year ago (and some still aren't, but hopefully will be soon!).

One particularly memorable moment was Melanie and Esli's song, followed by a prayer time when all the church gathered around Melanie to pray for her health.

I preached about how a church is a family, and some of the biblical characteristics of our very special family.

We ended the day eating some 35 lbs. of roast pork that the women had prepared, along with pasta and salad. And of course...a cake! Two of them, actually. We arrived home exhausted, but very grateful for God's faithfulness towards us.


UW Sports said...

Rod, Definitely a good day, a great day in God's economy- faithful servant and his wife, family and friends multiply their influence for the Kingdom.

Keep up the Good work on the Good days.

Tim Conrad

Charles said...

Only two cakes?
I'll pray for you!