Sunday, February 20, 2011


Yesterday was a fun day. Good friend and pastor of Sendero 1, Martín, was invited to Japan of all places for a week, and I offered to take him to the airport. He had to be there at 3:45 a.m. I think I set a new record by driving to the airport AND BACK HOME in one hour. Of course, at 3 in the morning there's not a whole lot of traffic, but to be honest I was surprised by the amount of traffic there was on the road at that hour. Mexico City never sleeps.

Later that morning I stopped by for Miguel, another good friend, and we went to Iztapalapa, the the Peña de Horeb Bible Church, and the neighborhood where we ministered from 1997-2003, for a Mexico City Bible church circuit meeting, where we planned several events for 2011 (and ate quite well). Later that day, youth meeting at 4 p.m., then a party out in our back patio for a little neighbor's birthday (4, maybe). Birthday parties are a big deal here. Pretty much any excuse for a party is sufficient!

Today once again we had probably 12-15 people outside looking in, and 10 kids sitting on the stairs. Crazy space issues. Oh, and we had a special visitor, Tiffany Taylor´s sister Suzanna, who is visiting for a couple of days. Good to get to know her. Ecatepec, celebrating Mayra's sister Monica's birthday. We'll pick up David Gómez on the way back (who also had a birthday yesterday), and get the kids in bed after a long weekend.

Here's another classic David picture, eating a spicy snack.

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