Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fry Highlights

I mentioned on FB that we lost our little pet snake, Pepa. Still no news on that.

David was complaining that he felt bad, really bad, so bad that he really shouldn't be forced to go to school by evil parents...and we got a phone call from school saying that David's day was canceled. He immediately was healed, and began dancing around.

Cathy is upset that she has a surprise test tomorrow on the multiplication tables. Life is so unfair.

Daniel recorded himself playing the drums. You can see that on a previous post. Then he re-recorded himself with a goofy mask on. Apparently the really cool drummers all wear masks.

Still no visa. Pray for that.

I took a bit of a brillo-pad to take off the sticky stuff that sealed the doors shut when my car was impounded, and ended up taking some of the red paint off too. Ouch.

We're shopping for home schooling material for Daniel for next year. 8th grade. Soon between pre-algebra and pre-geometry, we might need a tutor! I'm reaching my limit as far as math goes.

We have been finding cheddar cheese Goldfish pretty consistently at Walmart. Also an occasional week of Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles. We always have Lucky Charms, but then of course the mom gets involved and tells us how bad that is for us.

The iguana has not died yet. Hopefully the snake has...or maybe not?

We have another two people confirmed for the vision weekend in June. Cool. Very cool. I'm getting (more) excited.

David has discovered that beans grow in wet cotton. We have 4 Styrofoam cups in action at the moment.

We have been amazed at God's grace towards us and everyone we know.

That's about it...well, of course not, but I gotta go teach ESL.

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