Monday, January 17, 2011

We need a bigger place to meet

Counting people is always a dangerous endeavor, reminiscent of David's census-taking. It is dangerous for two reasons. First, all the glory needs to go to God, so you have to be oh-so careful not to get in the way of that. Second, after good attendance one week, the next week tends to tank. Having added these disclaimers, I'll mention that our attendance yesterday at church was around 53 people.

It's hard to adequately describe our space limitations. Yesterday morning I viewed most of the service through the back window of the house, because there was no way that about 15 of us would fit in the already very full little room of the 2-bedroom house we are renting. The guitars play in front of the kitchen sing and beside the microwave. The keyboard is positioned right in front of (and sometimes nearly on top of) a row of kids. When we stand to greet one another, there is literally no room to even walk. You sort of grab whoever is closest to you and give them a kiss or a handshake.

Our meeting situation is reaching critical. Those left outside do not benefit from the whole initial part of the service. When we break up in three groups (kids, youth, adults) space issues get a little better, except for the kids, who go up to a small bedroom and cram into a tiny space. Yesterday Mayra with Tiffany's help taught 18 kids in that room.

So...we need to either buy a house and modify it, buy a piece of land and build on it or rent a bigger space. Money, of course, is always an issue.

Later on yesterday we went to Armando and Gina's house, and enjoyed tacos with them Martin and Laura, Miguel and Tania, David Gómez. The Valtierras also arrived later on. We played foosball, watched the Jets miraculously beat the Pats, and had a riotously good time!

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