Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Studies and Opportunities

Tonight we cranked up our Tuesday night Bible study again, after a three week break for Christmas and New Years. It was a well attended night, with a full house for a study on Col. 4:6 given by José.

Next week we'll be starting the study Nueva Vida en Cristo 2 (New Life in Christ), after finishing the first part of this series of thematic studies last year. The study goes for 15 weeks, and includes topics such as the importance of service, the believer's armor, stewardship and end time events. Our desire is to see the whole church move from a very elemental knowledge of the Bible (most of the church are new Christians) to increasing maturity.

Afterward I took the boys and Allan to eat tacos. Mayra went directly home with Cathy. After enjoying some good tacos, we were about ready to leave when a couple walked up. I recognized the lady...she was our initial contact person for acquiring the administration for the large park and 3-story community center that I mentioned more than a month ago. I said her name, she turned around and said, "I'm so glad to see you! I lost my cell phone and with it your number. Can you come into the municipality tomorrow? We've already talked to the municipal president--the administration of the community center is yours!"

So...that's pretty exciting! Just one more way that God works through eating tacos! I am to call her at noon tomorrow, and Sam and I will, Lord willing, be meeting with her and potentially the municipal president tomorrow.

I had just mentioned that possibility to the community center staff tonight (see pic below). Now...PRAY that we would be able to shift gears and take advantage of this huge opportunity!

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