Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Community Center activites begin

This week marks the beginning of our fourth semester of community center activities, and we are excited to see increased participation in many of our different areas of emphasis.

Monday began with registration for Jim Cottrill's keyboard class. On Tuesday, David Gómez taught three hours of guitar, with a total of 13 students. My English class at 5:30 today had 7 students, and Allan's class at 6:30 had 12 students. Basketball class drew 23 kids. Tiffany's dance class had 5 participants.

What was exciting were the new families that brought their children to these multiple events.

On Tuesday morning, Mayra continued teaching the women about prayer in their Bible study time. She told me that this past Tuesday was the fullest she had ever seen that particular study, with around 17 women. Jim kicked off a new topic at the Tuesday night study, to a full house. On Wednesday, many women also attended an evangelistic breakfast, although unfortunately only one new person went.

Today I just got news that Matt and Alyssa Miller are definitely cruising up our way. They are currently studying Spanish and enjoying beautiful Costa Rica.

José Palacios and I continued studying a Bible study I wrote a couple of years back entitled Desarrollo de Liderazgo Bíblico. Tomorrow, another trip downtown to sign some papers related to my visa, which is in the process of being renewed.

And maybe, just maybe, a meeting with the municipal president. Thanks to all of you who are praying about that.

Looks like we'll be receiving another team from Corban University this year. Cool deal.

Hannah Galloway has sent in some paperwork! Sounds like an awesome young lady!

What else? Well, my father apparently re-injured a rotor cuff and is in a bit of pain, but you'll never hear him complain. My dad is, well, he's the best. He's not going to like this photo of him, either, guess I need a better selection to choose from!

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