Saturday, December 04, 2010

The week in review

The first couple of days of this week were a blur. Our whole family was sick, with a fever. Everyone. David seemed o.k. to go to school on Monday morning, but got a call around 11 asking us to come pick him up. He was acting uncharacteristically mellow. Sure enough, he had fever as well.

I spent the next two days taking Tylenol every 4-5 hours to keep from shaking uncontrollably. That really gets old. All I wanted to do was to be lying down with a blanket over me. We were a sad sight to behold! During those early days, Mayra carried us through, attending to us all in spite of not feeling well herself. Finally, on Thursday, I woke up without a fever. None of us are at 100% yet, an Mayra is exhausted after a particularly challenging week.

On Monday, in our absence, the group of 4 from Calgary, Alberta Canada along with the Cottrills taught English to around 25 students at the community center. The group left on Wednesday.

From Wednesday to Friday evenings, both the English class and the dance classes practices for our closing program next Friday. Mayra, in spite of being very tired all week, was texting and encouraging and participating, to make sure that the dance presentation next week receives adequate attention.

This morning I waited at the community center for a welder who is making a metal ladder for access to the attic we have over the classroom space. Tonight we have a special Christmas event at the Villa de las Flores Church, which is located the whole way across the city. Mayra unfortunately has decided no to go because of being sick. Around 12 of us from the two churches will be making the trek.

Here are some pictures of last night's basketball practice.

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