Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Fooseball and Jerseys

Tonight, rehearsals continued for our closing community center program this Friday. Among the practices...6 dance students (including my beautiful wife) will be presenting several dance numbers. The basketball team will be doing a series of drills for the program as well.

We picked up the jerseys today, with an embroidered logo, a number and last name, everything! Here's a picture of the kids.

Thanks to a gift from Cameron Fenske, we were also able to purchase a fooseball table. It's like a magnet for kids. We played a long while tonight.

Friend and neighbor Roberto helped repair several of the lamps and lights around the market area...there's a lot of light there now. We're just about ready for a great time Friday evening.

Samuel and I also printed out 18 posters to promote the sports ministry in January, as well as began to get permissions to meet at a building within Jesús María that would be conducive for the training time.

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