Monday, December 13, 2010

And I will put enmity between...

In our continuing saga of searching for the perfect pet (because a dog just, well, we just can't do a dog where we live) our aquarium has grown slightly to 7 fish, but the kids just need something to pet, hold, you know.

So since a couple of days ago Daniel has had in his head that he desperately needs a pet snake., alongside our aquarium filled with water and pretty fish, we have a small, glass box with a small snake. The kids...well, they love their new snake, along with a live meal worm that the snake is supposed to eat. One every three days. Apparently reptiles need live food to eat. You just never stop least with our kids!

Today we had a special time with Lupita, as she turned 4 years old. Lupita is one of Iris's daughters. Iris is a young Christian, growing in the Lord, and reaching out to her friends.

The other picture below is from yesterday, our joint service with Sendero 1, Santa Bárbara.

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