Monday, November 01, 2010

Concert on Saturday, Sunday events

This past Saturday the women attended a women's conference in Tlalpan, and the rest of us participated in a Christian concert, put on my Charlie Bostik and his band. Unfortunately it was very poorly attended, and the attendance fell far short of the hundreds of people we had hoped for, but it was a good time nonetheless.

At the end of the concert, I held the ladder as Miguel disconnected the 200 ft. long cable that ran from Martin's mega-sound system to a transformer on top of a telephone pole, across a vacant lot. It's dark now, with Miguel at the top of a fully extended ladder, disconnecting a cable from a high-voltage transformer. Miguel calmly announces that he must have stuck his hand in a bees nest, and that there are bees crawling all over his face, one in his glasses, all around. He disconnected the electricity and calmly descended the ladder, recommending to me that I evacuate the premises (which I did). He wasn't stung once.

While we were doing that, Martin was on top of a mountain of speakers, 12 HUGE speakers on both sides of the stage. He must have slipped or something, and grabbed the metal structure with a pulley on top to lower the upper speakers. The whole structure basically fell on top of him! Fortunately he wasn't injured...just scraped up a bit. We then proceeded to load the whole sound system in a big truck, to take it back to Mexico City, to his parents' home.

I was impressed, once again, and the amount of work these bi-vocational ministers do, without any pay, with very little thanks, doing things that must of us would refuse to even attempt, all the while joking and having fun. We ended the night eating hamburgers at 11 p.m. at Martin's parents house, and returned home around midnight.

On Sunday we attended Sendero 1, the first church planted in the area. It was great to see friends and just sit in the service, participating in the worship, being edified by the sermon. Afterwards we invited Jim and Shari and their kids out to eat to celebrate Shari's birthday. How many? Well, you'll have to ask her! Click HERE to go to their blog.

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