Sunday, October 03, 2010

This weekend...

I preach today, just about ready to leave and pick up Mariano from Valle de Chalco (where the flooding was last Feb., and also a new family that José and Adriana were able to witness to this past week. And Shari and the kids, as Jim goes early to practice music.

So quickly...this past week was full, with the community center going full swing, and Bible studies also. Daniel had a great time with his friends from the youth group on Friday. Yesterday I took 11 of us in the van up to a youth activity in Villa de las Flores, which is at the whole other side of Mexico City. It took us an hour and forty minutes to get there yesterday afternoon, which wasn't too bad actually. On the way, two kids threw up, we got stopped by the police and a small bolt fell out of the sky on to my windshield (random), but it didn't break anything, and we arrived at the youth activity.

We enjoyed celebrating with Axel and his family on Friday night...his 14th birthday party.

Here´s some pictures.

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