Monday, October 25, 2010

Projects...and classic David

Some of you may be wondering what happened to the administration a second community center that we praying about. Well, we still have that iron in the fire, and I was told that we should know something tomorrow...of course, that's what we've been hearing for a month and a half now.

A couple of other ideas, though, have advanced. Today we solicited formal permission to put a roof on the front of our community center storefront spaces, that will cover about half of the total area in front of the market. We'll need about 3K to do that, by the way, if any of you would want to help out. Sam and I went around gathering the signatures of the store-owners signing off on the project this morning, and met with some municipal authorities early afternoon.

We are investigating whether we should form our own civil association. The dynamic is a lot different here, but basically a civil association would open a lot of doors for us, because it would give us a legal, judicial entity, much like a volunteer organization in the U.S., but one that is fully registered before the government. Still not sure... The downside is the cost to register it before a notary is steep.

Thanks to some generous offerings, we are investigating the purchase of basketball jerseys. Our options close to home here are very expensive...$65+ per jersey. We can do better than that downtown. Oh, a trip to downtown Mexico City...

Our ESL classes are in their 6th week now, which attendance still minimal...probably around 30 (different) people during the three days we teach it, some people attend classes all three days.

So much more to talk about...I'll end for now, as I am just about ready to stop watching the Cowboys, Romo-less, getting destroyed by the Giants.

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