Sunday, September 19, 2010

A nostalgic week...

A bunch of activities this week reminded me of people and events that happened between 8-18 years ago.

On Thursday we had 9 ex-students of the UAM Iztapalapa, where Mayra and I were involved in a weekly Bible study at this public university. The first picture below was taken in November, 2003. We were part of the group until July, 2003, when we went up to PA. A total of 4 couples got married out of this group, and several are involved in some way in the ministry. We had a great arrachera cook-out, then a time of sharing God's blessings over the past 8-10 years. Then Settlers, of course, and an extended time of LAN Half-Life, with 7 computers playing together...intense! As you can see in the second photo, some serious mentoring/discipleship was going on!

On Friday Mayra and I met with Gabriela and Roberto, and their two kids. Before Mayra and I were married, we spent quite a bit of time with Gabriella and her family. Gabriella went to a Bible church nearby, and Roberto Cabrera went to the Tlalpan Bible Church. It was good to reminisce and remember.

Today I preached at the Adonai Bible Church, which is where Mayra and I met around 18 years ago. The church has changed a lot, and meets in a different place, but it was good to meet people we haven't seen in forever, and share from the Word there this morning.

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