Sunday, September 12, 2010

Church in Jesús María today

Our service today had to set a record, or at least close to it, for attendance, probably 50 people there, including close to 20 kids. Jim can check out his commentary on his sermon HERE. It was good to see Mariano there too, I stopped by before the service and picked him up. You may remember that Mariano was baptized in June, but had not been to church for several weeks.

We moved our starting time from 11 a.m. to 10 a.m., and I was honestly expecting to find next to no one there, but we had a surprising percentage of people present at 10. A number of families arrived around 11, having forgotten the time change. After the service, Allan, Melanie, Tiffany and I had a meeting to talk about our program from ESL classes. They start September 22, and go for 10 weeks, with a Christmas-orientated closing program.

After church we invited a bunch of young people to our house (and some not-so-young people too), Mariano, David, Tiffany, Allan, Melanie, Zeltzin and Lulu. Mayra put together an awesome taco salad, using kidney beans and Catalina salad dressing, imports from our time in PA in August.

Please continue to pray for the administration of the second community center...I keep thinking I'll get a phone call yesterday, but so far, no word. Also pray for our good friends, Toño and Becky (Baron) Muñoz, as they go through very challenging times at the Tlalpan Bible Church.

Here's some pictures of today.

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