Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Your house is flooded. Huh?

Ok, so we decided to get Daniel a cell phone for his birthday. Not a really fancy one, but a functioning, actual cell phone. We were actually happy we did that today. Of course, our very social son probably has more numbers on his phone in two days that I do. One of this newly acquired numbers happened to be a 13 year old neighbor girl, who called him today as we were just finishing up a baptism Bible study with Joseline and Claudia...to tell us that our house was flooded. What?

It had started to rain about 10 minutes earlier. But our house sits high enough to escape flooding, and it hadn't rained enough, at least in the neighborhood that were were in, about 10 minutes away. Still...a message like that makes you pay attention.

So Mayra and the kids headed home and I stayed for the first part of an excellent study, given by Samuel, on the meaning of the Passover of Exodus 12 and how it so clearly looks ahead to the life and sacrifice of Christ.

Turns out the house did flood...but from the inside out. One of those flexible metal hoses below our downstairs bathroom sink ruptured, and the water pressure, quite significant in our neighborhood, started spewing water on the floor, out the door, into the rest of the house downstairs. A neighbor had the presence of mind to shut off our water main that is outside, but not until the damage had been done.

Fortunately, not too much damage. But some school notebooks were pretty much ruined (Daniel is crushed :). Our tv control was on the floor, and isn't working. Our flooring, that fake, wooden flooring, is slightly oh so slightly puffed. But our neighbors helped to clean it up (thanks!) and we're back in business.

In other news, English classes started yesterday, with 31 students. Today, about the same. We've been doing basketball classes for the last two weeks, with an average of about 40 kids every day. Street hockey started yesterday, with 15 kids or so.

This morning we went to Puebla, saw the Puebla Bible Seminary and the Puebla Christian School, and met the Olivers and the Cruickshanks, then I met the Prussias at Starbucks in Cholula as the interns climbed the pyramid/church.

They the studies tonight. And the flood. It was a good day.

Here's a picture of Jacklyn Punt in her teacher Tommy Moon's old office at PBS, plus some pics in front of PCS, including a picture of 4 Aggies. Whoop!

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