Friday, June 04, 2010

Teaching English at a Jr. Hi school

Our daily schedule changed today, as we were involved in teaching three hours of English classes at a local Jr. Hi school, very close to where we live. The interns acheived near-celebrity status, being mugged by the students between classes, asking them for autographs and cell-phone pictures, etc...

Claudia is the English teacher at the school, and she invited us to help her teach English songs to each class. The whole school will be involved in a singing competition on June 30, singing Michael Jackson songs. Guess who the esteemed judges will be? That's right...our 5 esteemed interns?

Here's a video of today's English class, helping to pronounce the song "Billy Jean." I counted 52 kids in this particular class.

In other news, our daily basketball classes are basically out of control. Probably somewhere around 40 kids, with another 15 or so playing street hockey.

If you can't see this video, click HERE.

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