Sunday, June 20, 2010

Photos and Video from Sendero baptisms

Today the two Iglesia Biblica Sendero de Vida (Path of Life Bible Churches) had a joint baptismal service. A total of 11 people were baptized. It was, as it always is, such a special time of seeing tangible evidence of God's work in our lives, and growth in Christ's church.

About 70 of us piled in cars and vans and traveled about an our to a swimming area. After scripture reading, a song service, and a testimony time, where all 11 people gave testimony of their new faith in Christ, I shared a devotional from Matthew 16:21-26. Then after changing we went to the water. COLD water, I may add.

After the formal part of the day ended, we enjoyed the swimming pools, ate together and played soccer. I will be lucky if I can get up tomorrow!

Thanks for your prayers!

Blog post update! Video made by co-worker Jim Cottrill...

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