Saturday, May 01, 2010

An Incredible Day

The day started without coffee, although I certainly should have had some, because I struggled out of bed to meet Martin at 7 a.m. We took the seats out of the Astro and slid the 10 4'x 4' sections of 1/2 plywood first, then the metal stage frame. Jose arrive a bit later to help. The Astro was sagging as we headed up to Jesus Maria.

When we got there at around 8:10 we stopped at Roberto's house to get the key to the chain, so we could drive right down to the paved soccer field where we were to set up. David, Samuel, Sammy and Alex joined us, the the stage was quickly unloaded. Martin supervised. Then we set the sound system up. Then the guys came to put up a large tarp. The sun was brutal today. Then the inflatable toy whatever-you-call-that came, the Luis and his girlfriend Yuira.

Still very few people at around 11 a.m., our starting time. But they started arriving. And kept coming...and coming. We ended up with around 160 kids and around 140 adults, according to one count. We did games. And more games. We did puppets, with Mayra and Allan helping Luis and Yiura. Jose was a great MC. Then sandwiches. Then cake. All in all, a phenomenal day! Pictures soon.

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Charles said...

"Martin supervised"... I bet!