Saturday, April 24, 2010


Friday evening I had a Puebla Bible Seminary board meeting in Puebla, and we met at Roger and Marcy Oliver's house. After a good meeting and a tasty cena, around 9:30 p.m. I headed to Darrol and Kim Prussias' new rented home, near the Torre Fuerte church, close to the Atlixco libre highway. I thought I knew more or less how to get there, but Roger said, "Hey, why don't you take Brenda?" Brenda is his Spanish-speaking GPS device. I said "ok" and he installed it in my car.

I headed out the dirt lane from the Oliver's house, and Brenda told me to turn right. "Right?," I thought. There's nothing that direction. But I obeyed. Soon, I was headed through a little, dimly lit down, and over multiple speed bumps. Brenda, it turned out, was a professional. Not only did she recognize major roads, she also recognized one-lane dirt roads through the middle of nowhere. That's where she took me next. As I was cruising through a dusty road, followed by about 5 dogs barking at me, in the middle of a cornfield, I was thinking, "Now this is faith!"

I did manage to find Darrol's house. Brenda is good. Darrol and I enjoyed a good talk to midnight last night, and some coffee this morning, before I headed to the Oliver's to enjoy Marcy's baked oatmeal, fruit, sausage, orange juice, and of

Why is it sometimes almost easier to trust a GPS unit to take me 15 minutes across Cholula, than to trust God, to lead me through life? "Brenda" did make a mistake. She led me straight into a road that suddenly turned from a two-direction to a one-way road. God is never surprised.

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