Monday, February 08, 2010

Flooding, women's conference, street hockey

The flooding right next to where we live is actually getting worse. As of this morning, the breach in the dike still had not been fixed. I just posted an article in Spanish from El Universal that another neighborhood is being flooded, because the waters are not receding, they continue to advance. Remember, this is aguas negras. You don't need to understand much Spanish to figure that one out. The picture below is from El Universal, and gives you an idea of what I'm writing about.

Wednesday the ladies have organized a BIG women's outreach in Jesus Maria. Please pray for us as we give out invitations today and tomorrow. The plan is to put up a large tent. Cathy Ramirez, a pastor's wife from Puebla, is giving the talk on Unconditional Forgiveness. Sam, as always, came through with a great graphic.

Also...the street hockey idea is taking off! The pic below is from an informal game yesterday.

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