Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tuesday and Wednesday, Activities begin in 2010

Today was the first day of our second 10-week English course, and we started well, with around 20 students in this first class. Last winter we only had about 5 people in our Wednesday class. Allan taught it, and did a good job. Before class started he told me that he had been mugged on the bus on his way back from teaching school. Two young guys started to talk to him, said they had followed him, and ended up stealing his MP3 player. At least they didn't take any of my money, Allan cheerfully said.

Last night was our first Tuesday evening Bible study in Jesus Maria, with Andrea and her family, Rocio and her family and Joseline and her family. We met in our house last night, as we had volunteered to host the Tuesday evening prayer time (a Sendero activity). It was a good time of sharing. We started off by watching a Nooma video called "Breathe," talked a while about what exactly the gospel is, then finished commenting about what experiencing God's presence is like and praying. Pictures follow a short video with Allan teaching.

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