Thursday, January 21, 2010

Observation, Interpretation, Application!

English classes have already begun in earnest, with an average weekly attendance in our Wednesday and Thursday classes of 23 people per day. People continue to register for classes.

Samuel will be tutoring jr. hi students desirous of gaining admission into High School this Saturday morning. High School is not a guaranteed thing in Mexico...probably less than half of 8th graders get admitted into public high schools (prepas) here.

Next week we will be kicking off music classes, with keyboard classes being taught by Jim Cottrill on Monday evening. David Gomez starts guitar classes on Tuesday. Allan plans to begin drum classes in February. Laura Guaza, Lord willing, will also be giving singing classes soon.

This Saturday we enjoy a special treat, with Toño Muñoz coming to teach approximately 70 people from 7 different Bible churches in the Mexico City area. Toño will be teaching hermeneutics, or how to interpret the Bible. Workshops like this are very important for churches with leaders and teachers who have not had a whole lot of theological education. This Saturday...Observation, Interpretation, Application!

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