Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A crazy busy weekend

It all started Friday night, with the kid's school Christmas program. You can check out a video of that made by co-worker Jim Cottrill. His daughter Hannah attends the same elementary school as our kids.

Not sure why it seems like a devil always appears in the kids' Christmas drama, but the point was that the devil was trying to keep people from seeking the Christ-child, so I guess there was some redeeming value to it!

We very much enjoyed the Coro Unido's magna-concert this past Sunday evening, and took 21 of our neighbors to the event as well.

Finally, last night we did our second annual "Christmas block party." Last year we had three bands, this year just one, but the response was good. Once again we set up Martin's huge sound system. 24 big speakers, two towers of 12 on each side of the stage. Pictures forthcoming.

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