Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Church Construction

I took a few pictures of the church building today. The last 4 years have been an adventure in growth, as we have, little by little as money has been available, adapted a small two-bedroom house with a bit of patio space in the back into a two-story rectangle taking advantage of every inch of property space from the sidewalk in front to the wall in back.

Along the way, before we had a main room of sufficient size (actually, we have yet to have a main room of sufficient size...but at least we have a little bigger area) we bought a tent/canopy sort of structure that we set up in the street or on a vacant lot somewhere (anywhere!). Now, it serves as half of our room, with the tent poles welded in place, keeping most (but not all!) of the rain and weather out.

This summer, the plan is that Antioch Church from Windsor, VA will be visiting, and our desire is to complete construction of a (real) roof. These pictures will explain more.

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