Sunday, November 22, 2009

Willow Creek International Leadership Summit

This past weekend the plan was to attend both days of Willow Creek's International Leadership Summit, at Torre Fuerte Bible Church, in Puebla. The kids, however, had a mini-olympics at their school, so I went (kicking and screaming after a really sweet guilt trip from my wife!). But I was able to go on Saturday, and sat beside friend Toño Muñoz most the time, including a trip to Tony's Tacos for a semita and taco lunch...hmm.

The conference included videoed sessions from Tim Keller and a black preached from Detroit (Harvey I think). Very encouraging...a reminder of the importance of...well, a whole lot of things.

On the way back, in our little 1.0 liter Atos, alone, it was a veritable worship experience, as the sun set over the two volcanoes that stretch out, snow-covered, between Mexico City and Puebla..

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