Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Best friends Women's ministry

Mayra, Shari and Aurora have officially started their unique women's ministry in Jesus Maria! Samuel just created a new logo for them, this first one integrated into a 2010 Calendar.

The phrase "Amigas del Alma" has two meanings in Spanish. The common meeting is "soul friends" or "best friends." The second meaning is "friends of the soul." Obviously the purpose of this dynamic trio is to reach women through different creative events, principally...are you ready for this...baking and cooking. So far, Shari has helped the women make banana muffins, and Tiffany assisted in making Christmas cookies.

The plans are to put this new logo on aprons, calendars, wall hangings, diplomas and other attractive decorations, along with a Bible verse and a Christian message.

Pray for the three of them, as they reach out in creative ways to the women of our new target neighborhood, Jesus Maria.

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