Monday, September 07, 2009

This weekend

This past weekend was a full one, as usual. On Saturday we braved traffic and construction areas all over Mexico City to travel about 2 hours north to Ecatepec. There we celebrated David, Cathy and Mayra's birthday (Mayra's b-day is tomorrow, the 8th, send her a note!).

Yesterday at church was special for two reasons. 7 kids graduated from "Sunday School" to the youth group, moving from 6th to 7th grade. After a neat time of singing, I gave a devotional to the 12-13 year olds, and Martin gave them each a special church diploma.

Then the church had a special time of recognition for us. We neither expected it nor wanted it necessarily, but certainly appreciated it. A number of people gave testimonies as to how we had helped them in different ways, etc.

From there it got rather silly, with Samuel and side-kick Luis in charge. Samuel told a story about how I had been separated from birth from my brother Bob. Then Luis came in with my clothing, etc...and talked in my accent...all quite funny. They then showed a video that they had made, poking fun about certain characteristics of the family. I had a HUGE coffee mug that I (Luis) was drinking out of, etc... Here's some pics below, first of three generations of beautiful women, then the service yesterday.

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man now you are famous! -- your own Stunt double