Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Church partnership, bear, trout, soccer

A lot has happened in the last couple of days. I'll start with the most painful first, and work up. The U.S. lost to Mexico 5-0. Now, how can that happen???? The U.S. beat Spain, good grief, and was leading Brazil 2-0 before losing 3-2. How can you lose to Mexico like that? As you may imagine, I've already heard a fair amount of gloating from my Mexican friends.

If you follow this blog you know that we were recently at Bible Fellowship Community Church, in West Newton, PA. Well, we received really cool, not very common news a couple of days ago that this church has decided to partner with us both in prayer and financial support! We really have enjoyed getting to know this church, and hope to squeeze in a quick trip to visit again before we go back.

Here...well, it's been crazy. We spent the last 4 days up in Potter County at Denny Mohr's cabin with the Valtierra family, seeing lots of deer, fishing some...and seeing a big black bear! Sam and I were fishing, and all of the sudden Sam yells at me and says... "What's that a cow? No, I think it's a bear! (all in Spanish, of course...not very common to see a cow crossing a trout stream, probably a bit more common, though, than seeing a bear). It was a pretty nice sized bear (although he looks smaller in the does my really!). I did manage to catch a rainbow on Tuesday night and two rainbow and a brown on Wednesday. We road ATVs too, went hiking, saw lots of deer (did I mention that), make mountain pies, etc...etc...

Keith called and invited us down to Harvey Cedars Bible Conference and the beach there tomorrow...and I'd really like to go...but common sense won out and we're spending tomorrow around here. Samuel, Aurora and family are LOVING their time here. We are too. Thanks Denny!

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