Monday, June 15, 2009

Potential new outreach area

This past Saturday evening, Samuel and I dropped our two boys at the movie theater and drove around Ixtapaluca investigating potential sites for our vision of a Community Center here.

We are not sure yet if the new church plant will meet in the Community Center. Right now we're just looking at options, trying to sense God's will in all of this, dreaming a bit.

I took a number of pictures of potential houses/properties. None of these properties has a "for sale" sign on it. But these are the sort of property that we're looking for...on a main avenue, not behind any gates, easily accessible and, most of all, visible.

First of all, the pics. Then a video of a small storefront sort of area in the Jesus Maria area, right next to a basketball court and soccer field. At the end of the video you see Sam standing in front of the store for sale. We are currently in communication with the owner. If we could buy this place, even though it is very small, it would give us total access to an extremely busy and public area in this neighborhood.

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