Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Paso de Cortez with Daniel and the Downs

One day each year we pull one of our kids out of school without any forewarning and do something fun with them. Yesterday was Daniel's day. After dressing in his school uniform and packing all his stuff, and arriving to the door of the school, he had the pleasant surprise of not having to go it! Instead, he and I went for a 90 minute drive, to up over 12,000 ft. between Mexico City's famous, snow-capped, 17,000 ft+ volcanoes.

We met the Downs family there too, everyone except Caleb, who is in the U.S. I wanted to meet the Downs one last time before they left Mexico. The Downs have become good friends in these past 2-3 years, but they have decided to return to Texas. They will be missed.

Daniel's b-day is coming up. He wants a PSP...and we're holding out. If you don't know what a PSP is, you obviously don't have kids living in your house. EVERYBODY under 20 knows what a PSP is. Daniel will be 11 years old the 13th. Hard to believe.

This evening we have another meeting as a church planting team, to primarily pray, and also to talk about some strategy regarding the community center idea we have. Should be fun.

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