Thursday, April 23, 2009

Schools canceled today

Another update later today from HERE!

For an update on this situation, check out this article. Thanks, Jim, for sending it.
WHO Report

Late Thursday night, news programs here in Mexico announced the canceling of all school activities in Mexico City and the surrounding State of Mexico (where we live), citing the appearance of a new influenza virus that has reportedly killed 20 people in the last month.

The curious thing about this news is the way it's being communicated. Don't send your kids to school. If you're sick, don't leave your house, except to go to the doctor. Avoid populated areas. Don't greet with a handshake or a kiss. Wash your hands often. Keep commonly used household areas clean. I guess these are just common sense ways of dealing with germs, but I wonder if we're being told the whole story. Canceling classes for millions of students seems rather drastic to me. Of course, if you never have snow days....maybe epidemic days are useful!

I found one article about this in English. Click HERE. I suspect that by tomorrow, more will be available online.

In other news...pray for Samuel and his family. His cousin, Reuben, around 50, was killed yesterday when an oven in his bakery had a gas leak and blew up. His daughter, Elizabeth, was badly burned. Reuben's father had a stroke when he heard the news, and is in a coma. So sad. All are committed Christians.

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Jim said...

I caught this news in English a little while ago because of warnings for tourists leaving Mexico.

Sounds like the number of people infected is extremely small, but there is extra concern because they're not yet sure what it is or how to treat it.

Check out WHO voices 'heightened concern'