Monday, March 02, 2009

Be fruitful and multiply apparently applies to hamsters too...

You know, it's truly amazing the amount of knowledge one just doesn't have, about any number of significant areas of life. For example, I should have thought that buying 3 hamsters would be dangerous. What are the odds (some of you probably could tell me) that at least one of the hamsters would be female (as opposed to them all being male or female)? How do you check what sex a hamster is? I mean, I have a general idea, but...the things bite! know where I'm going with this. Turns out David's hamster, the white one, starts getting disporportionately large. This concerns me. Last night, my fears were confirmed. Mommy White Hamster gave birth to 6 or 8 (this is a debate) little...well, they're not cute, in spite of what my kids say. They can reproduce every 20 DAYS! At this point I am told you have to separate the little baby varmits from the males, or THEY WILL EAT THEM! Although this may be a tempting way my kids will permit that! So today I return to the pet store to buy another cage for the new family minus dad. Now...I'm hoping that the other two are males. I'm not checking either, because they bite, and well, that's just wrong anyway.

Anyone want any hamsters? I asked the pet store guy if we could give some to him, return free what we initially paid for, and he said sure. So...that might be a solution.

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