Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pray for Alejandra

Some of you know Alejandra Escalera. What you may not have known was that Alejandra gave birth yesterday to a 5 lb. baby girl! She gave birth about a month early, and both mother and daughter are still in the hospital. The baby is still in observation due to problems with one of her lungs. Please pray for both of them. The health of the baby is not critical as I understand the situation, but she is far from being 100% healthy.

In other news, on Tuesday we had our first team meeting here at our house. CAM Int'l, our mission, is restructuring, and different field structures that have been in place for many years are giving way to a team structure. We call the teams T2 teams, or "Transformed to Transform"teams. We haven't named our idea... T2BDo Team (Transformed To Be and Do).

I lot has been going on here. A hamster escaped one morning and caused a mini-crisis. But the best news of the week...Allan told us today that he led his whole family (dad, mom, Ian, Celtzin) to the Lord this afternoon around the dinner table. Now that's cool. Allan is about 1 year old in the Lord himself. Samuel led him to Christ about a year ago.

Check out our T2 Team blog at

Please also pray for our family amidst a lot of sickness and homework lately!

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Melissa Roberts said...

Praying for Ale. I got to talk to her last week on the phone.

Praise the Lord for Alan. What a joy to know He is faithful and that Alan can grow in Him with his family! :D

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