Sunday, February 08, 2009

Pictures of last Sunday...and, THE HAMSTERS!

Last Sunday we loaded up a bus and some vans and went from here to Iztapalapa, to the church that Mayra and I helped plant and spent 6 1/2 years of our lives. It was good to see pastor Fernando and his wife Margarita, as well as many other people that we knew well.

We took our whole band...all stuffed into my Astro (without seats). It is amazing how much stuff you can fit in an Astro, and our van has hauled just about everything (current record for passengers--21). Martin preached. Here he is below with Samuel.

And, in a moment of weakness, when I was alone with Cathy and David...I bought 3 hamsters complete with a fancy hamster pen for the kids. My wife still thinks I lapsed into a period of temporary insanity. But they had been really wanting a dog, and as much as I would love them to have a dog, we just can't do that in our house. about hamsters? The kids love them. The are guaranteed for 10 days, so I told the kids that if they kill them, do so within 10 days so we can get them replaced!


Alan & Beth McManus said...

some breeds or mixes of dogs are really small...not quite as small as hamsters...but then you don't need counter space for a dog cage...and some dogs don't bark much at night and hamsters, well, they pretty much stay up every night making noise and running in that wheel thingie. if I were you (and I know you're glad that I'm not), I would have gotten a goldfish.

Melissa Roberts said...

so glad the kids finally have pets!!!
thinking of you from here!! Dios les bendiga