Thursday, October 02, 2008

New Books I'm Reading

I'm finally finishing up some books I've been reading...The Courage to be Protestant(awesome book) and The Complete Book of Discipleship, so I'll be starting a few more, namely, Elders and Leaders, by Gene Getz, For Us and Our Salvation, by Stephen Nichols and The Church God Blesses, a little book by Jim Cymbala. Also some junk food reading...Listening to the Beliefs of Emerging Churches, editted by Robert Webber.

I'm out the door to take Claudia to her radiation therapy, and park myself in a coffee shop across the street from the hospital while I wait. Ah...what bliss.

Quote of the Day:
On church bishops/early church fathers:

The Good
Ignatius (d. 107)
Irenaeus (130-202)
Tertullian (c.200s)
Hippolytus ((170-236)

The Bad
The Ebionites (c. 70-400s)
Marcion (d.160)
Valentinus (136-165)
Theodotus the Cobbler (c.190)
Paul of Samasota (c.200s)
Sabellius (c.200)

From chart on p.30, For Us and Our Salvation, Stephen J. Nichols

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