Wednesday, August 13, 2008

School registration and car problems

Yesterday we enrolled Daniel, Cathy and David in the same elementary school. Daniel is in 5th grade, Cathy in 2nd and David in first. Cathy actually should be in 3rd but we held her back a year last year. I'm sure the school will notice the presence of the Fry family!

Last night I had a late night taco night with great friend Tono Munoz, and ended up getting home a bit, 1:40. Good talk and good tacos though, at a stand I used to frequent in Iztapalapa. I saw on the way back that the battery charge in the van was low, and was happy to get home safe and sound. Mayra needed to be at the women's prayer meeting and study this morning at 9 and guess what...the van didn't start. I know it's not the battery because I replaced the battery about a month ago...there's a short in the systen somewhere.

Alberto Yazmani, our "oldest son" turned 24 yesterday. He'll be returning to Puebla Bible Seminary this coming Sunday. Please pray for him.

Another first...Keith Heigel got on Facebook. Congrats, Keith. Last night at prayer meeting we gave out 4 Bibles and a number of other smaller kids books that the group from my home church brought down last week.

When I get a chance I'll be posting more pictures here.

Quote of the Day:
In the absence of a compelling external authority that enables us to draw the line confidently between right and wrong, true and false, we are left to fumble about with only our feelings to guide us. And are these feelings not often driven by self-desire and self-justification? Feelings are notoriously unreliable as a guide to belief and behavior.
The Courage to be Protestant, by David Wells, p. 109

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