Saturday, July 26, 2008

Time in Veracruz

We had a great time with my parents for the last two days in a beautiful, tropical town called Fortin de las Flores, in the state of Veracruz, near the Gulf coast. We swam, played tennis (sort of), played pool and fooseball, walked a lot and investigated a number of fun and interesting places in and near the town. Oh, and we ate a lot, of course. It was great to escape Mexico City for a while, even if for 2 days. Pictures pending.

My parents brought a number of books down, including one called The Shack, with they told me was rather controversial. I read it Thursday night and Friday, and maybe I'll comment more about it later. Let's just say I understood why it it is controversial.

Here's what's gotta be my favorite picture of this year's internship program. Jonatan and Abby bought some interesting cap/dredlock combinations, and loaned me one, as Abby and I were jamming to a song, I thing it was Blessed Be Your Name. So much fun!

Quote of the Day:
I had rather walk, as I do, in daily terror of eternity, than feel that this was only a children's game in which all the contestants would get equally worthless prizes in the end. -- T. S. Eliot

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