Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday ESL A.M.

I've tried to load several more videos...but the lights went out a couple of times...and since my laptop has no battery back-up...I gave up. Today we had over 50 students in the A.M. class, and about the same in the P.M. class. We have been sick...Mayra with stomach issues and low blood pressure (90/50) and me with some sort of stomach infection that has given me a low fever all day. Cathy is also taking medicine, and David fell out of his bed last night and has a cough (not that those two things are related!). We've been making some good contacts, including a young man by the name of Jonathan. Alan's brother Ian and sister Celtsin have also been making friends with the group.

Quote of the Day: The common moral truths are no less plain to us today than they ever were. Our problem is not that there isn’t a common moral ground but that we would rather stand somewhere else. We are not in Dante’s inferno, where even the sinners acknowledge the law which they have violated. We are in some other hell. The denizens of our hell say that they don’t know the law—or that there is no law—or that each makes the law for himself. And they all know better. What We Can’t Not Know, J. Budziszewski p.12

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